An open relationship is an honest and ethical intimate relationship where partners have agreed to explore additional sexual or romantic connections. They take a wide variety of forms.

I support your right to explore and create the type of relationship that works for you and the people you love, from polyamory to monogamy, and anything in-between or off that axis all together.

Your reason for coming in may be related to your relationship structure, or it might have nothing to do with it at all. I welcome individuals, couples, and larger groups seeking support with non-monogamy, or simply a therapist who accepts and affirms their relationship choices.


Relationship transitions can be exhilarating and they can also bring up a lot. When approached with awareness, compassion, and connection, they are an opportunity to know yourself and your loved ones more completely. Relationship transitions include:

Starting a new relationship or relationships
Considering non-monogamy
Opening up from monogamy
Closing an open relationship
Breaking up or processing a break up


One of the great challenges in any relationship is creating a connection that supports both freedom and security. Sometimes it might seem like these are on two opposite ends of one spectrum, but I believe that they are actually intricately interdependent. When we feel safe in our connections, it is easier to explore, and when we can feel our own autonomy we are more authentically available for connection. Challenges related to freedom and security include:

Navigating boundaries and agreements
Working through jealousy and fear
Building and rebuilding trust
Supporting healthy autonomy


If you’re in an alternative relationship you are doing something different, and there might be people in your life who don’t understand or approve. Sometimes the greatest challenge is figuring out how to communicate with friends and family, and encountering the cultural monogamy bias that surrounds us.