Our loved ones are the ones we allow to touch us most deeply. It is no surprise that they are also the ones who most deeply hurt and challenge us. Because of this, intimate relationships offer a powerful and unique opportunity for growth. Here are some of the things that couples come looking to build:


A feeling of closeness comes when two people are able to effectively share their inner experience with each other. This isn’t always easy. Strong emotions can cause communication to break down and lead to arguments that escalate, go unresolved, or create distance. Often, this happens because we have triggered each other’s most tender vulnerabilities. Therefore, if you are stuck in one of these dynamics you also have an opportunity to build greater intimacy with both yourself and your partner. Therapy can help you understand what’s happening, learn to speak and listen from your heart, and use challenges as a way of getting closer.


Physical intimacy is one important way that partners connect. It is also a place where insecurity, shame, resentment, differences in desire, and lack of communication can create distance, and a loss of satisfying sexual connection. Many of us were not taught to navigate sex with skill and confidence, and many of us have also experienced sexual trauma, so it isn’t a surprise that this is a common thing that couples struggle with. By learning to drop into your body and feel your desires and boundaries from the inside, sexual challenges become doorways to embodiment and better physical relationships.


When something big shifts in your life it often feels extra important to have the support and care of your partner. At the same time, the added stress of things changing can make it extra difficult to connect. Whether you're moving in together, getting married, landing in a new home, or adjusting to a new job, therapy can help you stay close while you navigate transitions.