Without moving or changing anything, simply begin to tune into your experience of this moment. Without judgement, let yourself notice how you are positioned. Are you curled up or sitting tall? Are you leaning in, as if on the hunt, or leaning back, perhaps reluctant? Without changing anything, let your awareness wander through your body. Where are you holding tension? Check your diaphragm, your shoulders, your hands, your jaw. Notice if your breath is full or shallow.


Most likely you are looking for a therapist. Again, without judgement, and without changing anything, allow yourself to notice how you are approaching this task, right now, in this embodied moment. Let your attention expand to include more of your experience. What emotions are present? What thoughts? Are you excited? Overwhelmed? Skeptical? Are you rushing yourself or wandering in a maze of options? Perhaps you are judging yourself or perhaps you feel proud that you are moving forward. Without needing to do anything about it, simply take this moment to observe yourself.


Now without forcing anything, notice if it's possible to adopt a stance of loving-kindness towards the qualities of experience that you have just invited into your awareness. Let this be easy, and if there are parts of you that protest or resist your own compassion, treat those parts also with compassion. Invite them to be here. Invite every aspect of your experience to be here. Let any idea that this moment should be different than it is, drop away.


Finally, let yourself notice what feels right and what could be improved. By now you may have noticed an impulse or desire. Are you aching to relax, to center, to take a break, to focus, to get some help? Perhaps it is something small, like a release in the tension in your jaw, or perhaps you've just realized you want to go about this in a different way entirely. Whatever it is, lovingly allow yourself to make a shift, to ease this process for yourself in whatever way you need.